Hole 18 - Par 4

a panorama of Hole18 1

The closing hole for the nine presents a long dogleg left four par with a long narrow green requiring a pin point accuracy for the second shot. First is the tee shot. Pools of water are adjacent to the tee and the scale of these pools soon grow larger eventually empting into a large lake left of the landing zone. Left of the landing zone you are presented two bunkers below the level of the fairway and two bunkers right of the fairway, shorter in distance from tee. Play cautiously from your chosen tee while considering the effect of these varied hazards as the individually cause self-induced strain should your ball come to rest in any of them. The longer hitter will be concerned about the bunkers left of the fairway just beyond the waterfall. The ideal approach angle comes from your ball finding left of center landing zone which opens up the front of the green. A long bunker left of the green starts 30 meters short of the surface and extends along the entire length of the putting surface. A deep pot style bunker is along the mid left edge of green. The putting surface breaks three directions with a strong ridge bisecting each area. Front is reasonably accessible and middle right becomes more challenging as the bunker left comes more into play. The back third of the green is the more challenging with bunker right and the need for the ball to carry to the ridge at center of green to all the ball to release to the portion of the green that falls away at a fast pace. With a pin in any of these three locations, this is a fitting conclusion for a great closing hole.