Hole 12 - Par 4

a panorama of Hole12 1

A dramatic downhill hole that rewards the longest and the shortest hitters all the same when you choose a flight line down the left side of the fairway to maximize the roll out of the tee shot to this landing zone. Those players that choose to carry the inside of this right dogleg best be confident the tee shot will not leak right or you will find your ball below the landing zone in deep rough and within trees making the second shot nearly impossible. The fairway undulations will move the ball left to right opening the green angle to more easily avoid the front left bunker. The front right of the green is open for an easier short game recovery and back right has a smallish pot style bunker waiting for the weak approach shot to a back pin. The green surface has two soft ridge lines and a plateau that divides the green into four distinct pin locations. Club selection and ball flight trajectory are key to get the ball close to the pin with the back left pin being the most challenging on this unique putting surface. Before leaving the green take a quick look back to the tee as this one of the most beautiful settings you will find in golf spring, summer or fall you will not be disappointed.