Hole 8 - Par 4

a panorama of Hole8 1

A strong dog leg right par four will bold bunkering on the right side and bunker center of the landing zone, requires a precise tee shot up the right side of the fairway for the ideal approach angle to the green. The bold, long driving player can carry the bunkers right finding a speed slot the will give the ball an additional roll out shortening the approach shot. The more timid player can play to the left landing zone but reaching the green in two is less probable. The approach to this green requires the player to negotiate a bunker along the left side of green and a medium sized bunker right edge of green and two more bunkers middle right of the green surface. The green has three distinct levels with the front low, the middle up and the back lower than the front. The back pin locations are within a “punch bowl” type of green area that helps gather the ball for this long difficult hole.