Hole 5 - Par 5

a panorama of Hole5 1

The longest five par on the course plays up-hill adds length to the hole. The tee shot requires thought and precision to reach the narrow gap with two deep fairway pot bunkers left and the forest edge to the right. Once you reach the landing zone your view for your second shot leaves you alternatives to position your second for the pin placement of the day. You are faced with either playing boldly up the right and carry the fairway bunker for a short sand wedge approach or play short left for the best angle to the back half of the putting surface. Only the longest ball strikers can challenge the green with their second shot with a force carry over the deception bunker fronting the green. The front pin location is crowned requiring a perfect approach with just the right amount of spin to hold this position. If too much spin you will find your ball short of the putting surface and if no spin is on the ball you could find your ball left off the green. There is a large bunker running the length of the green to the right and a small pot bunker mid left requiring the player to strike a straight ball flight to the center of green for the perfect two putt opportunity for par.