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Architectural Concept

Emphasized independent, environment-friendly design using four major concepts; Ecological Transparency, Modern & Traditional, and Bionic.

Timber Structure

The timber structure technique reflecting the architectural concepts was applied for the first time in Korea; construction was under the supervision of Swiss structural engineer Hermann Blumer. The timber structure that takes the shape of a huge tree rising from the ground borrowed its shape from a Korean traditional item -- a large bamboo pillow --  and golf tee. In addition, the outer walls of the building are covered with transparent glass to emphasize the open space. The place can be opened and used for a variety of occasions depending on the weather and circumstances.

  • Detail of Club house 2
  • Detail of Club house 3
  • Detail of Club house 4
  • Detail of Club house 5
  • Detail of Club house 10
  • Detail of Club house 11
  • Detail of Club house 12
  • Detail of Club house 13


Courses were designed by world-renowned environmentalist architect Shigeru Ban and KACI International CEO Kyung-sik Yoon. Shigeru Ban has a gift for expressing the balance between building and nature using environment-friendly materials. He is also famous as the designer of buildings constructed with environment-friendly materials such as paper pipe and wood fiber.